XRPL-based NFTs Booming: Over $2.45M Sold, $3M Investment Made

• Ripple CTO David Schwartz has launched XRPL’s own standard for NFTs on the mainnet.
• The XRPL-based NFT marketplace onXRP has sold over 7.3 million XRP, equivalent to $2.45 million.
• 21,469 artworks have already been sold on the onXRP NFT marketplace.

The world of blockchain-based Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is booming with new records being set every day. Ripple CTO David Schwartz recently re-ignited the NFT-fever when he announced the launch of XRPL’s own standard for NFTs on the mainnet, activated with Amendment XLS-20. This new development has been met with much enthusiasm from the XRPL community and it has already started to bear fruit.

Kaj Leroy, the founder of the XRPL-based NFT marketplace onXRP, recently announced that all sales on the platform have exceeded a volume of 7.3 million XRP, equivalent to about $2.45 million. This makes onXRP by far the most popular NFT marketplace on the XRP Ledger, followed by xrp.cafe (434,000 XRP, equivalent to around $146,000), and xMart (57,003 XRP, equivalent to $19,184).

The success of onXRP is largely due to the exclusive Xpunks collection that the marketplace is presenting. Xpunks are sharing their roots with the legendary CryptoPunks NFT collection. As of today, a total of 337 Xpunks have been traded for a total value of 5.1 million XRP, equivalent to $1.7 million. The top-selling Xpunk is the #1 Xpunk, sold for a staggering 1.2 million XRP, equivalent to $400,000.

The XRPL-based NFT marketplace is also starting to attract larger investors. Just recently, a group of investors acquired a group of Xpunks for around $3 million. This is a sign of the growing popularity of the XRPL-based NFTs and it is likely that more and more investors will start to get involved in the near future.

The future of the XRPL-based NFTs is bright. With the launch of Amendment XLS-20, the XRPL can now be used to create and trade NFTs. This has made it easier for developers and artists to create and trade their own NFTs. Furthermore, the increasing demand for XRPL-based NFTs is attracting more and more investors, which is likely to further drive the growth of the XRPL-based NFT ecosystem. As such, it is safe to say that the future of XRPL-based NFTs is looking very promising.

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